Virtual Meetings

We help you pivot from face-to-face to virtual meetings

For the foreseeable future, any sizable meetings and conferences will take place virtually. We encourage you to embrace this change! We can help you sort through the numerous options to offer your participants an educational and interactive program. Our focus is to ensure that you are successful by offering virtual meetings that your stakeholders will love.

We take the logistics out of your hands so you can focus on content!

CMP is a one-stop-shop to plan and implement virtual meetings and conferences of all sizes and complexities. Our team provides expert guidance to ensure that your virtual meeting accomplishes your goals. We manage the logistics just as we would for an in-person meeting. For example: assistance with registration and payment processing, agenda development, materials production, speaker coordination, presentation collection and compatibility quality assurance, rehearsal coordination, and live production/implementation.

We sweat the details to make your life easier

Choosing the right virtual conference platform is key, but it’s not the first step. CMP works with our clients to develop a vision for their conference so that we can recommend the best solution for hosting their virtual event. One size does not fit all. There are several considerations to determine which virtual conference platform is the right one to meet your needs. CMP simplifies this process and works with you to select the platform that can meet your objectives and work within your budget. We take the logistics out of your hands so you can focus on content and interact with your attendees, speakers, sponsors, and other stakeholders.

Benefits of CMP’s Virtual Meetings services:

  • Simplify the planning and implementation so you can focus on content.
  • Advise on best approach to help you meet your goals.
  • Ensure that your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors have a great meeting experience.
  • Assist in the development of a comprehensive budget.
  • Provide proven best practices guidelines.
  • Advise on platforms to host virtual meetings.
  • Develop a comprehensive planning timeline.
  • Assist in the development of an effective agenda.
  • Advise on how to monetize your event through sponsorships, exhibits, and registration fees.
  • Manage registration and payment processing (as applicable) with a full-time Registrar.
  • Provide clear pre-meeting communication with attendees.
  • Develop electronic meeting materials and presentations.
  • Coordinate with speakers and facilitate their participation.
  • Facilitate virtual planning meetings.
  • Customize a virtual meeting tool to meet your goals within budget.
  • Pre-test technology prior to going “live”.
  • Schedule and facilitate rehearsals.
  • Implement your virtual meeting, managing the flow, and ensuring a smooth transition of presentations.
  • Assist with post-meeting electronic meeting evaluation.
  • Provide the resources and expertise to make your virtual event a success.

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