Post-Meeting Evaluation

Make sure your attendees come back next year by understanding what worked for them and what could have been better. CMP develops effective evaluations aimed at understanding participant’s views on the quality of program content, meeting facilities, presentations, meals, hotel accommodations, and overall organization.

Our surveys are completed through an on-line survey tool which automatically summarizes the evaluations to provide our clients with a strong understanding of the strengths of the meeting and to identify any areas for improvement for future meetings.

CMP also likes to conduct a debrief meeting with the planning committee. This often takes place in person, or via conference call, within a day or two of the conclusion of a meeting.

Benefits of CMP’s post-meeting evaluation services:

  • Instantaneous feedback.
  • Valuable data collection to help plan future meetings.
  • Valuable data collection to help retain sponsors and secure new sponsors.
  • Expert data analysis and advice for future programs.

“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.”

– Winston Churchill

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