Customized Registration
& Website Development

CMP develops online registration pages in-house. Prior to going live, registration forms are meticulously tested in order to make sure that data and payment information is accurately collected, and your attendee’s registration experience is a smooth and easy process. This is all done over a secure server. Once registration goes live, we provide our clients with a password protected “view” screen so they can see an up-to-the-second list of registered participants.

CMP has a full-time Registrar who is dedicated to handling all aspects of registration. Our Registrar responds to participant phone calls and email inquiries in a very timely manner. This includes processing substitution requests, sending balance due notices, issuing refunds, and answering all questions related to registration. Our Registrar also keeps track of conference revenues and provides clients with detailed financial reports. Throughout the registration process, our Registrar is “cleaning” the data so that it can be used to generate name badges and participant rosters.

CMP also develops comprehensive conference websites. By having this in-house capability, we are not dependent on an outside organization, so the process is quicker and we can ensure excellent quality. Websites are customized to match a preferred color scheme and branding.

Benefits of CMP’s registration and website development services:

  • Affordable.
  • Development takes place in-house.
  • User-friendly and secure.
  • Flexible and customized.
  • Password-protected access to real-time registration data.
  • “Clean” data for producing name badges and participant rosters.
  • Accurate and detailed logistics information provided to participants.
  • Financial tracking and reconciliation.
  • Dedicated Registrar.

CMP has completed over

Custom Registration Sites!

“Capital Meeting Planning…was indispensable in handling the arrangements for a complex week-long international scientific conference, which I chaired. They helped us contract with a hotel, handled the registrations and money, badging and signage, and other needed functions. We had 180 attendees from 15 countries. The conference was very successful.”

– David J. Nagel, Ph.D.

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